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World Education Services in Canada

WES is an organisation that helps students obtain PRs (permanent residents) while abroad. An organisation called World Education Services, or WES to give it its full name, assists people in obtaining permanent residency so they can work or study overseas.

In certain countries, individuals must complete an educational credential examination (ECA) in order to study. To apply for citizenship, immigration, etc., you must have ECA. The company in charge of providing ECAs for diploma and degree certificates is WES. Established in 1974, WES operates out of New York, USA, and Toronto, Canada.

WES verification facilitates immigration to other countries. To obtain WES verification, an online application must be completed. Prior to submitting a WES verification request, payment is necessary.

Online Application Method for WES Verification:

  • Create and maintain an account on the WES website.
  • Provide details of the university and agree to submit documents as required.
  • The required processing time is determined automatically.
  • Select the type of evaluation and specific assessment for each course.
  • Add names of institutions as needed.

Documents Required for WES Verification:

  • Transcripts from the college or university in a signed, sealed envelope.
  • WES Form, mark sheet for the full programme, mark sheet for each semester, and degree from the university or college.
  • Additional documents may include TC, SSLC, and Provisional Certificate as per requirements.

A variety of educational qualifications, such as degrees, diplomas, SSLC, and HSC certifications, can be verified by WES. The requirements for documents vary between nations. Academic qualifications are assessed using WES validation (ECA).

WES verification improves educational document accessibility in the target nation by providing ECA, which is essential to obtain PR (permanent residency).

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A credential evaluation is the process of assessing and validating an individual's educational qualifications and credentials obtained from a foreign educational institution.

A WES evaluation is often required by universities, employers, and immigration authorities in Canada and the United States to verify the authenticity and equivalence of an individual's foreign educational qualifications.

The documents required for a WES evaluation may vary depending on the country and the educational institution. However, in general, you need to submit your educational transcripts, degree certificates, and other supporting documents.

The processing time for a WES evaluation may vary depending on the type of evaluation and the completeness of the submitted documents. However, it usually takes around 7 business days for the basic WES evaluation, and up to 35 business days for a comprehensive WES evaluation.

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