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Canada Certificate Attestation

One of the wealthiest nations on Earth, Canada is renowned for its vast tourist destinations. Canada endorsements are extensive reports issued by the Canadian government confirming specific facts or realities about a person's life. The public authority gives these declarations to its occupants, who may be its residents and settlers.

We can assist you with obtaining Certificate Attestation for your Canada certificate from the relevant embassy of the nation where the applicant wishes to relocate for either personal or professional reasons.

Purpose of Certificate Attestation:

  • To get a labour card or employment visa for most designations.
  • To pursue higher education at a university abroad.
  • To complete the DOH and MOH (Ministry of Health) (Dept. of Health) examinations performed by medical specialists, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, etc.
  • To obtain equal certificates.

Non-Educational / Vital Certificates:

  • To secure a residence permit for my wife, my kids, and my in-laws.
  • For a child's enrolment in school (via Transfer Certificate).

Memorandum or Articles of Association or Power of Attorney

  • To be able to sell properties in the country of origin.
  • For the dissolution of an LLC partnership, provided that the domestic partner does not wish to continue the collaboration.
  • To open a bank account.
  • Incorporation of a company.

The experience certificate must be attested. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and lab technicians must write the MOH and DOH.

Canada Certificates That Need An Apostille Or Attestation:

Educational Certificates:

Educational Certificates include Level Certificates, School Transfer Certificates (TC), Bachelor Degrees, Masters Degrees, Doctorate Degrees, Bonafide, Mark Sheets, Transcripts.

Non- Educational Certificates:

Non- educational Certificates include Migration, Salary, Fingerprint, Birth, Marriage, Death, Death, Medical, Divorce, Experience, Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Trade License, Memorandum & Articles of Association, and Invoice.

The rules for the attestation procedure are listed below.

The procedure for obtaining the legalization of foreign documents varies by nation. In international law, attestation is the process that authenticates a copy so that a foreign country's legal system would accept it. Global trade commonly uses the course.

Procedure for attestation of Canadian certificates:

The attestation process varies from state to state and embassy based on the document and, of course, the location where you intend to use the certificate.

There are numerous methods for attesting Canadian documents. It is a process with several steps. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs local certification is the only thing the authorities are worried about (Intended to use country). But to get it, you need to have all the other attestations.

Steps in the Attestation Process:

  • Notary Public – (Canada)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade – (Canada)
  • Embassy Attestation – (Canada)
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry - (Intended to use country)

The attestation process and time frame change from time to time based on the rules established in Canada.

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