Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of conditions:

All services offered by the Brilliance International of Companies shall be governed by and subject to these conditions. The consumer certifies that they have read these terms and are binding upon them by signing this bill. Any agreement that deviates from these terms must be in written and signed by an authorized officer of Brilliance International of Companies for Brilliance International of Companies to be bound by it.

2. Delayed documents

Government regulations, processes, and timeframes are essential to document attestation. A corpus of knowledge serves as the foundation for the suggested times. These specifications, information, and deadlines may occasionally change.
The proposed deadline for papers purchased from Thursday through Saturday begins on Monday (in India, Friday to Sunday). The specified number of Working Days does not include Delivery or Collection Days. If there are any delays, we cannot be held responsible for them. Hence there will be no price reduction.

3. Damages

Throughout the attestation procedure, more than 100 employees handle every document. While we will assume full responsibility for a mishandled document while an inquiry is ongoing, the following damages are not our responsibility. In either case, the document will be made available following complete payment and Brilliance International's issuing an apology letter.
Laminated certificates are among the things to remember in this category.
It would be best if you refrained from laminating certificates. The reverse of the document will be attested. To further attest, remove laminations if you plan to go internationally again. When removing the lamination, inevitable harm to an old document is possible. Although it doesn't often happen, if it does, it will be because of unavoidable circumstances brought on by the lamination's tight attachment to the document.
Every primary courier service will take standard-sized envelopes; if your certificate is large, you can fold it to match the size. Since using staples is a standard procedure in embassies. Any stapling that may happen after the document is validated is not our responsibility.

4. Lost document

In the odd event that the document is lost, we will cover all expenses associated with getting duplicate copies solely, providing that you supply us with the accompanying documentation. We will not be held liable for any indirect losses brought on by this circumstance, nor will we defend against consequential losses.
The indemnity will be the same as that offered by The authenticity of the document shall be the submitter's full responsibility if the document's loss results from the negligence of the courier business. We will not be held responsible for any outcomes brought on by the document's forgery or the courier service.

5. Fakes

The submitter will be responsible for paying any legal fees or other expenses that may arise due to the submission.

6. Ready for Delivery

Once the document is ready for delivery, the customer gets notified. A further service charge will be assessed after ten days if the document is not collected.

7. Cancellation of Service and Rejection by Embassy

Consumers can always choose to stop using a service. In this scenario, a service charge along with (if required) the costs associated with the finished attestations. The same fines apply to documents that the Embassy rejects as well.

8. Payment

One must make payments in the local currency equivalent to the standard conversion rate advised by the specific branch office if the customer wishes to make a payment at a different delivery office (International Brilliance International of Companies branches) than initially where they collected the document.
Cheques We only accept checks from businesses that have signed a formal MOU with Brilliance International.

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