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Indonesia Certificate Attestation

The process for obtaining legalization in other nations is different. Certificate Attestation is the procedure in international law that certifies a document so that the legal system of a foreign country would accept it.

Hsc, A Level, 10th, 12th, School Transfer Certificates (TC), Associate Degree or Certificate, Bachelor Degree, Master's Degree, Doctorate Degree, Mark Sheets, Transcripts, Fingerprint, Bonafide Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Experience Certificate, Salary Certificate, Migration Certificate, Power of Attorney, and Memorandum and Articles of Association The guidelines for the attestation process for Indonesia are listed below.

The attestation process for Indonesia:

General Attestation Objectives:

Education Certificates:

  • To get a labour card or employment visa for most designations.
  • To continue your education at a university abroad.
  • To complete examinations conducted by MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. of Health) personnel, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, etc.
  • To obtain the equivalent certificates.

Vital Certificates / Non-Educational Certificates:

  • To acquire a resident visa for the spouse, kids, and in-laws.
  • For a child's enrolment in school (via Transfer Certificate).

Memorandum or Articles of Association or/ Power of Attorney:

  • To be granted permission to sell properties in one's own country.
  • An LLC partnership may dissolve if one or more partners in the home nation decide they no longer want to be a part of it.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Registration of a company.

The attestation procedure:

The attestation procedure differs from state to state and from embassy to embassy, depending on the document and, naturally, the location where you wish to use the certificate.

Steps in the Attestation Process:

  • Ministry of Justice-(INDONESIA)
  • Ministry of Human Affairs-(INDONESIA)
  • Embassy Attestation- (INDONESIA)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Intended to use country)
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