MEA attestation on educational certificates

Is original certificate attestation necessary for Indians to get employment visa in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates has a sizable workforce. Thousands of individuals relocate to the UAE for employment, business, and education. UAE is a strict country. Therefore, everyone moving there for work must have their instructive reports power-authenticated. If a candidate plans to go to the UAE for employment, the educational certificate attestation for UAE is intended to show the authenticity of the authentication.

A college, university, or other educational institution attesting a certificate means doing so by the formalities required by law that confirm your certificate's validity and its issuance by them.

The attestation of a degree certificate is required to process an employment visa for the UAE. The original degree certificate must first be attested in the nation where it was issued before being transferred to the United Arab Emirates, where you will utilize it.

The process of certificate attestation for an employment visa in the UAE confirms the degree and attests to the validity of the diploma or certificate of academic achievement.

The following documentation is needed to apply for a certificate attestation:

  • Original document
  • Copy of applicant's passport

There are ways you can apply for a visa with attestation. Still, to do so, you must have at least a few documents from your college, such as a provisional certificate, a consolidated mark sheet, and mark sheets for each semester.

All of these documents will aid in your ability to obtain a visa, but to do so, you must have the employer's permission.

According to the labor regulations of the UAE and other GCC nations, you must present an authenticated certificate as proof that you are qualified for the position for which an employer has chosen you.

For a certificate to be recognized in the UAE, the ministry of foreign affairs must receive an attested copy of the document from the home country. However, some professions, such as those involving rivers, tailors, cleaners, and other comparable tasks, will no longer require attestation.

Sometimes one category does not require it, while the others such as those who work as doctors, nurses, or teachers need all of their documents to be certified, not only those with the highest degree.

You can achieve your career goals in the UAE by authenticating your educational certificates. It is a genuine movement that allows you to demonstrate the validity and reality of the authentication.

Although the UAE authority demands a genuine certificate from the relevant colleges, there is still a chance that your company will process the visa even if you do not have the degree certificate.

The procedure required for UAE Attestation:

An educational certificate's attestation

  • Subdivisional Magistrate (SDM/HRD) (human resource development).
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • UAE Embassy Attestation.

Various attestation processes depend on the reason for attestation:

UAE Attestation procedure with MOFA

  • Subdivisional Magistrate
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • UAE Embassy Attestation.
  • MOFA

UAE Attestation procedure without MOFA

  • Subdivisional Magistrate
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • UAE Embassy Attestation.

UAE Attestation procedure with MOFA Only.

  • MOFA

By doing this, you can finish having your education certificate attested for the UAE and all other Gulf nations (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar) for employment and other purposes.

The authenticity of your certificate is verified by the authorities, who also check the signature and stamp. The competent authorities at each level stamp and sign the documents after the verification is finished and no abnormalities are found.

Your certificate will now be valid in the UAE after being attested. It gives the documents legal status, making them acceptable in the nation for various uses, including employment.

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