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How do I get my degree attested from HRD Mumbai?

Human resource development, or HRD for short, is a ministry in India that strives to raise the nation's literacy rate. A minister chosen by the government directs the ministry of human resource development. Education empowerment is the primary goal of the ministry of human resource development.

The ministry can establish the nation's socioeconomic structure by raising the nation's educational level. People frequently relocate to foreign countries in quest of a better living and promising professional prospects as a result of economic hardship and limited opportunities.

A list of educational credentials for which HRD attestationis required is a degree certificate, diploma Certificate, SSC and others as needed. The amount of time needed depends on several variables, including the responsibility of the HRD ministry and the university from where the document is issued.

Due to additional university verification procedures, completion times often range from three weeks to more than a month. The factors mentioned above will continue to have an impact on the overall time.

Whether applying for a student or work visa, HRD attestation is necessary. The state agency, HRD, or Human Resource Department attestation is required for the educational documentation.

The goals of HRD attestation are:

  • Higher education abroad in foreign countries.
  • To relocate.
  • To secure a work visa for abroad.
  • To obtain a permit.

The majority of educational documents demand HRD Attestation. All certificates, including those for a degree, diploma, HSC, and SSLC, require HRD attestation. Individuals began exploring employment and further education options abroad.

HRD Attestation for degree certificate will be done in the HRD office. One must send the original degree certificate, a copy of your mark sheet, your offer letter, a copy of your passport, and two passport-size photos to receive an attestation.

Document attestation is required for international concerns. HRD attestation is necessary for the destination nations to vouch for the legitimacy of the documents.

The following papers are required for HRD attestation:

  • An Original certificate.
  • A copy of the passport.

To obtain HRD Attestation> in Mumbai, a person must visit the HRD Department's office and provide the original certificate that needs to be attested.

The attestation process for the Certificates is as follows:

Attestation process of an educational certificate

  • SDM/HRD: Subdivisional Magistrate (human resource development).
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
  • Embassy Attestation.

Attestation process for non-educational certificates:

  • Notary.
  • Home department.
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of external affairs).

Attestation process for Commercial certificates attestation:

  • Chamber of commerce attestation.
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of external affairs).

Regional Level

The process of certificate verification is just getting started at this point. According to the requirement, this verification level can be carried out by the notary, the institution where the documents were issued, or, in the case of business documents, the Chamber of Commerce.

State Government

According to the requirements of the document type, three different departments verify state-issued documents. These departments are the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). SDM is separate from the state government, although the verification carried out by this body is considered at the state level.

MEA Attestation

The document must pass one more certification step before receiving an MEA, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stamp. MEA is the primary organisation handling all foreign policy issues for the nation.

Embassy Attestation

The nation's personnel for whom the documents are being testified perform it. For most countries, it comes after the Ministry of External Affairs as the final certification process.

Before obtaining attestation from the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the degree certificate attestation must be done by the state's HRD. A certificate's authenticity is certified by a representation that is factual and correct. Your certifications must go through a process to be authenticated.

  • The HRD of the state where the certificates were granted is where the credentials are initially filed.
  • The HRD contacts the university that granted the certificates to confirm the validity of the certifications.
  • The HRD attests and stamps the certificates once their authenticity has been confirmed.

The document must pass one more step of authentication from the home government before it receives an MEA stamp. MEA is the primary division handling the nation's external issues.

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